Saturday, February 29, 2020

Stack City

Maybe this one should have been called 'concrete jungle'.

Today's Gratitude Item: Working out how to populate a PowerPoint slideshow with data from a .csv file. My current, slightly inefficient solution involves creating a merge in Publisher, printing as a .pdf and then converting the .pdf to a PowerPoint. It's not ideal but for now it works. My long term plan is to find a way to do the same job in a more direct way...

Friday, February 28, 2020

Bottle Bead

As in a bottle made out of glass beads.

Today's Gratitude Item: One of our school's senior leaders is moving on to better things. Let's just say this individual had an irrational dislike of everything Google which was making life harder than necessary - I'm hoping that the change in personnel will be a win / win situation.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Emerald City

This one is made up of rough, green glass.

Today's Gratitude Item: Tomorrow is a shorter day than usual due to a paid union meeting. As I'm not in the teacher's union, it means having an extra hour to get stuff done without kids being in class. Needless to say, I very much need that time!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tut Steps

The pattern reminded me of the design of King Tutankhamun's death mask. Only in purple and lilac rather than royal blue and gold.

Today's Gratitude Item: Making the most of a rare Wednesday where dance class was cancelled. Even though it was a pity not to dance, the time was well spent.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Window Blues

As in windows made of blue.

Today's Gratitude Item: Finishing a summary sheet for 8th grade fractions and percentages. Hopefully it was worth the effort.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Coy Columns

The second column is a bit shy - as it's hiding behind the first one.

Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting a partial solution to ASB bank sending through unwanted monthly paper statements for my Dance Group's bank account. Initially they said a flat 'no'. A tweet and at least two further emails later, and they finally realised that they could send through six-monthly paper statements instead of the default monthly statements. It's a resolution I can live with but it should not have been that hard.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Feathers Squared

It took ages to get this one to look good.

Today's Gratitude Item: My main computer has been fixed. The front USB ports were not working but now they are which is great. Am very grateful for the quick fix :)

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Shared Colour

This is a bird's eye view of two people sharing coloured string.

Today's Gratitude Item: Flea bombs! Those nasty little critters started snacking on me again. Bombing them into oblivion was deeply satisfying on a number levels.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Slot Slit

I liked the 3D / slot effect at the top and bottom of this one so it got rendered.

Today's Gratitude Item: That getting something fixed on behalf of a student was much easier than initially anticipated.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Smoke Symmetry

Am not too sure about this one. It's a bit odd for my tastes.

Today's Gratitude Item: A colleague laminated some A3 posters for me in record time. It's a small thing but on a busy day, those small things matter more than one might think.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Woven Hole

This one has everything I like - copper / gold string, ripples, curves and a giant hole in the middle.

Today's Gratitude Item: Some headphone cases that I ordered online arrived today (in record time) and they are perfect.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Column Cup

As in a structure that is either a column or a really fancy wine glass.

Today's Gratitude Item: New Computer Science / Programming posters for my classroom walls courtesy of the amazing team at Canterbury University

Monday, February 17, 2020

Criss Cross

Bright magenta seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I'm not so sure...

Today's Gratitude Item: My 10th graders have a special assembly when we are meant to have Math class tomorrow which gives me a brief break from preparing work for them. Normally I'd complain about missing classtime but in this case, I really don't mind.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Diamond Jersey

This one looks a bit like a knitted jumper (close up).

Today's Gratitude Item: Finding a perfect video that explains what a Caesar Cipher is on Khan Academy. This saved me from having to make a custom video for my 11th grade Computer Science class.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Forever Ceramic

Reminded me of really bright, decorated pots - hence the name.

Today's Gratitude Item: Working out how to quickly change the font colour in google docs. When one is giving student feedback and needs to constantly change from black to deep red, being able to do it at speed is a wonderful thing.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Take a Bow

As in bow / ribbon rather than bending at the waist.

Today's Gratitude Item: Getting slightly quicker at marking my 10th grader's Math books. It's a long story but at this point, even small time savings are helpful.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bamboo Bricks

This one did not quite go to plan but it still worked out OK in the end.

Today's Gratitude Item: Giving in to temptation and reading a book instead of doing my marking. Today was one of those times where there was too much to do and what did not get done, will just have to wait!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Fancy Fold

I liked the ripples and symmetry of this one...

Today's Gratitude Item: My junior Math class were a bit better today. When they know what to do (and the work is within their capabilities), they are able to get a lot done. The next challenge is helping them to grow those capabilities...

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Ground Zero

This is an experiment that mostly worked although it is not as good as hoped.

Today's Gratitude Item: Figuring out how to create a 10 minute timer in PowerPoint. This is not as simple as one might think as the maximum duration for a single animation is 59 seconds and our school does not let us install add-ins. The solution involved animating blocks for one minute each and setting them up in succession (so the timer looks like a loading bar). I could have inserted a video of a timer but that would have made the presentation's file size larger than necessary.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Jewel Belt

This one is designed for wearing with black leather trousers.

Today's Gratitude Item: That Quiz has quizzes on place value which should be perfect for my Y9's who need a lot more practice with that particular concept.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Mag Wave

As in 'magenta wave'. The ripples were a nice addition.

Today's Gratitude Item: Finding my missing sock (don't laugh, missing socks are a serious business).

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Hole Blanket

As in a blanket which has an odd shaped hole.

Today's Gratitude Item: Finding some headphones on special! It's a long story which will hopefully end well.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Modern Curves

Am not too sure about this one...

Today's Gratitude Item: An unexpected lunch 'out' with colleagues. This was a nice conclusion to our 'Teacher Only Day' and a great start to the weekend.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

One Green Bottle

Or should that be 'One Green Vase'?

Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant day off. Did absolutely no school work and did not feel guilty at all :)

Wednesday, February 05, 2020


This is a portal to somewhere. Enter at your own risk.

Today's Gratitude Item: Not having to go in to school tomorrow (public holiday). We've only had time-tabled classes for three days but it feels more like three months and I'm exhausted!

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Gold Suspension

Sometimes very bright is good.

Today's Gratitude Item: Being able to easily create teaching screen-casts both at home and at school. At least this way students can 'rewind' a lesson if they need to review content and can access material 24/7.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Crossed Signals

Here is what happens when one combines string with ripples.

Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting switched over from 'copper' to 'fiber'. Our Internet at home just got a whole lot faster. Thanks Bro!!

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Flower Lathe

The base of this is identical to 'Weave Shine' although the two images look very different. It is amazing what rotating and post processing an image in GIMP can do.

Today's Gratitude Item: Being *mostly* ready for school tomorrow. It will be the first day this academic year that we have timetabled classes which means things are going to be quite busy. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly...

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Weave Shine

Weirdly, this one looked great in teal. I tried other more 'sunshine' type gradients and they just did not work.

Today's Gratitude Item: Completing work on a resource that I need for Monday. It took a while to get it done. Now all that is needed are some final checks and it should be 'good to go'.